Bardic Arts Groups (other than colleges)

SCA Bardic Arts (Facebook group)

SCA Bards (Yahoo group)

Bardic Colleges

AEthelmearc College of Bards

Ansteorran Bardic Guild

An Tir Bardic (email list)

Atenveldt College of Bards

Bardic College of Calontir

Bardic College of Ealdormere

Bardic College of Ealdormere (Facebook group)

Bardic College of Ealdormere (Yahoo group)

Barony of Forgotten Sea Bardic Guild

Caid's Circle of Bards

Darkwater Bards, Trimaris (Yahoo group)


Northshield Bardic College

The Performers and Entertainers Guild of Lochac

Royal Bards of Atlantia

Trimaris Bards (Yahoo group)

Bardic Events

SCA Online Virtual Bardic Night (Facebook group)

SCA Online Virtual Bardic Night (Google + group)

Bardic Resources

Bardic Arts

Messages Related to the Bardic Arts

SCA Bardic Arts Resource Page


Icelandic Dictionary

Introduction to Old Norse

The National Archives - Beginner's Latin


A set of web links to information on medieval European music

A set of web links to information on medieval European music 2

Bibliography and Reviews for Medieval Music


Period poetry styles and techniques

Scottish Poetry

Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

Skaldic Poetry: An Introduction and Brief Explanation

Viking Age Skaldic Poetry

Viking Answer Lady: Norse Poetry


The Complete Anachronist

Tournaments Illuminated


Period Sources for Storytelling

Writing (award scroll wordings)

The Scriptorium

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