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Maister Colyne Stewart, OP, (he/him) is a student of the written word. He is the Curator of the Atheneaum Hectoris, the Precentor of the Scriptorium, the Royal Historian of Ealdormere, the Baronial Historian of Septentria, a chronicler and a member of the Bardic College of Ealdormere. He is a past Bard of Septentria and one of the founders of the now defunct Septentrian Performing Arts Troupe. In the modern world he holds a degree in English and Creative Writing and has studied writing, storytelling and folklore. He has published a book called Ossa Poetices: A Cyclopedia of Early, Medieval and Renaissance Poetic Forms, Genres and Devices.


Photo by THLaird Colyne Stewart.
Master Hector of the Black Height is a west-islands Scotsman born around 1273 C.E. Hector is reputed the worst-dressed Laurel in the Known World, counting all Kingdoms. He believes tartan is colour-neutral and thus goes with everything, including other tartans. Over the years Hector has served as bard to the courts of Princes and Kings, as a General of the Midrealm Army and as the back-guard of the Qon of Ealdormere. He has done many wonderful things, has met many, many amazing people and continues to have fun.


Photo by Master Eirik Andersen.

THL Ailis de la Marche is a fighter, bard, researcher, and herbalist in the SCA. Her Scadian research interests include 12th–15th century narrative forms and hermeneutical tools, medieval allegory and allegoresis, Christine de Pizan, medieval philosophy, the “mirror of princes” genre and medieval political thought, herbalism, gardening and medieval medicine, and the use of herbs, charms, and amulets in medieval folk magic. Mundanely, she is a researcher, writer, and sessional instructor who received her PhD in history of philosophy. (She promises she is friendly and does not bite.) She has a book due out in 2017, published by Palgrave Press, titled Story and Philosophy for Social Transformation in Medieval and Postmodern Writing: Reading for Change. She is always happy to talk shop about philosophy or medieval research, and to encourage anyone in their fighting, bardic, researching, medieval gardening, or other Scadian endeavors, wherever she can be of service.

THL Pelayo of House Marchmount

THL Roselyne de l'Estrangere is a humble student of the trivium, and greatly enamoured of the beauty of the word, spoken aloud, authored in the mind, or physically traced on the page.  She has attained some mastery of Latin, but is, alas, only an indifferent scholar of Greek, and is familiar with several modern languages as well.  In addition, she is preoccupied with academic questions such as whether love constitutes an actual physical ailment, or is merely a social disease.  Scurrilous rumours abound that Roselyne might be seen, in her less serious moments, dancing in a palazzo or singing by a fire.  Roselyne aspires one day to serve as an allegorical figure, such as the lady Grammatica.  (Did you know?  Roselyne is very interested in translating the texts of the ancients (i.e. authors from the actual Middle Ages), and will gladly help you with short texts (at no charge!) to further your research.  Contact her at the Athenaeum today!)

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